Doc Martin Returns!

The brash and brilliant physician is back in eight new episodes

Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

Doc Martin | KET image

Cultures clash and the sparks fly as the sixth season of the popular comedy Doc Martin returns with eight new programs. Tune in Thursdays beginning Feb. 6 at 9/8 pm on KET and Fridays beginning Feb. 7 at 8/7 pm on KET2.

Mixing elements of classic British sitcoms with sharp medical drama and a quirky, lovable cast of characters, Doc Martin is as popular here in the states as it is across the pond.

At the end of the last season, Martin and Louisa’s baby, James Henry, was kidnapped by a well-meaning but deranged pharmacist named Mrs. Tishell. The nightmare brought the couple closer together and prompted a marriage proposal from Martin to Louisa for a second time.

As the new season gets under way, the town is buzzing with arrangements for the wedding. As the series unfolds, Aunt Ruth moves into the village, Burt cooks up another money-making scheme, and Morwenna tries Internet dating with surprising results. Martin continues to deal with the strange and quirky personalities of Portwenn and attempts to adjust to his new life with Louisa and James.

As you’ll see, despite his best efforts, though, Doc Martin continues to find trouble.


4 Responses to “Doc Martin Returns!”

  1. Christy Morris says:

    I am so grateful that Series 6 of Doc Martin is being shown on KET. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s (Series 6, Episode 1) episode. We were wowed!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible for Doc. Martin to continue being shown on KET! I love KET!!!

    City/County: Frankfort

  2. Andy McKinney says:

    I’m glad to see the show back, but HOWEVER, I was disappointed that the AUDIO on Thursday night’s premiere seemed to be playing at the wrong speed! The first clue was that the theme music sounded to be in an entirely different key, but as the episode went on, both Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz’s voices sounded slow.

    I’m hoping this was just a tape playback problem and, hopefully, not a poor standards-conversion decision on the part of the programme syndicators! I’ll explain: Doc Martin is filmed at 1080i/50 (1,080 pixels, interlaced, at 50hz). To be compatible with the USA broadcast system, it has to either be converted to 1080i/60 (60hz) which is what is traditionally done, or slowed-down to 24hz progressive. Some “bright” individual seemed to think this was preferable for the most recent Doctor Who episodes on BBC America (as 24hz is progressive format rather than interlaced), but in the case of THAT episode, they took the time to “pitch-correct” the voices to make up for the 4% slowdown in speed.

    I really hope the slow sound on Doc Martin WAS just a technical fault and NOT a result of slowing the running time by 4% just for the sake of making the episodes progressive format (and not doing pitch correction). I’d much rather have interlaced at the correct speed!

    City/County: Brodhead

  3. Phyllis Frederick says:

    Thank you KET2. My husband and I have been waiting for series 6 to air and the Cincinnati and Dayton PBS stations are not showing it during this quarter. We can get KET2 on 1 TV set in the house and we were lucky enough to be informed of your programming schedule to see the re-run on Sunday at 3PM. You have made our winter months more enjoyable.

    City/County: New Richmond, OH

  4. Andy McKinney says:

    Dear KET:
    The audio on episode 2 sounds even worse than episode 1! It’s quite obvious the syndicator slowed it down to 24p and never pitch-corrected anything. There were some dialogue scenes between Ian MacNiece and Joe Absolom that sounded so bad, I almost turned the TV off (thank goodness correct-speed DVDs will be available in Region 2/UK in March).

    The season 5 episodes (the first to be shot in HD) sound normal, so obviously, something has changed during the standards conversion process this year.

    KET, please, PLEASE complain to the syndicator! You and your viewers deserve a better presentation of the episodes than this!

    City/County: Brodhead

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