KET’s education division wins NETA’s 2010 Enterprise and Innovation Award

Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) Education Center board recently presented its 2010 Enterprise and Innovation Award to KET’s education division for its exemplary success in delivering education services to generations of students, teachers, parents, and care providers throughout the state of Kentucky. Judges cited KET’s willingness to rethink, adapt, and become more efficient in the face of significant budgetary and staffing challenges.

“In response to the challenges of recent years, KET reorganized, improved internal communication, and expanded educational services,” said Nancy Carpenter, KET’s senior director of education. “The education division, along with the agency, has embraced a new level of collaboration and cross-divisional work in order to continue providing outstanding, up-to-date, and accessible educational resources and services for its audiences.”

NETA presented this and other awards in Nashville, Tenn., last week as part of the organization’s annual conference. In all, 23 public broadcasters were recognized in the areas of program production, promotion, community engagement and instructional media.

KET also received two awards in the “Instructional Media” category. KET’s Art to Heart training initiative, providing early childhood and elementary educators with information about the importance of the arts in the lives of young children, and Scale City: The Road to Proportional Reasoning, an online math resource for middle school students and teachers, were both winners.

Pictured: Skip Hinton, NETA president; Teresa Day, KET director of arts and special projects; Nancy Carpenter, KET senior director of education; Shae Hopkins, KET executive director

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