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News for week of February 28

Monday, Feb. 28, 2011

Imagine America’s largest stage dark.
Imagine Kentucky’s biggest schoolhouse empty.
Imagine the greatest library of local and national documentary programming closed.

The debate about federal funding for public broadcasting is also the debate about the future of KET. After a week in recess, the U.S. Senate will soon pick up the debate on H.R. 1, the House-approved resolution which, among its budget cuts, eliminates funding for public broadcasting. If passed, this complete elimination will dramatically alter KET’s service to the people of Kentucky.

Federal funding allows KET to develop learning resources that Kentucky’s teachers and students rely on every day, to educate our youngest citizens with series like Sesame Street, to deliver a vast array of concerts and performances not found anywhere else on television, and to produce and air informative, engaging programs about our state, our nation, and our world.

Thank you to all those who have made their voice on this matter heard. And for those who have not yet done so, there’s still time. Please contact your Senators and Representatives (viewers from other states click here) soon and let them know where you stand on public funding for public broadcasting.

Thank you,

Shae Hopkins
KET Executive Director

2 Responses to “Federal funding”

  1. David S. Cockrill says:

    Although I agree with the Republicans that the PBS has been highjacked by the liberal agenda, I still find PBS and KET a source for a lot of stuff I disagree with and I would never have been aware of the BS in the first place. I believe PBS and KET are irreplaceable to the American public regardless of their political spinning of programs. Thinking Americans can cut through the bull and find information that is invaluable. Jesus Christ, our savior, said, “Man does not live by bread alone…” therefore it’s important to have arts and educational programs even during hard economic times.

    City/County: Caneyville, Grayson

  2. Susan Dunaway says:

    Why would any good administrator look for cuts in the programs that provide us the greatest benefits. Trick question, a good administrator wouldn’t. KET and PBS have always been very much a part of my life. Regardless, KET is an invaluable resource to Kentucky’s parents and citizens. Unlike Mr. Cockrill, I’ve never felt the spin of a liberal agenda from KET. Let’s face it, Kentucky isn’t that liberal to begin with. But Mr. Cockrill and I certainly agree that arts and education programming show the timeless strength of a society and raise the levels of understanding.

    City/County: Shelbyville, KY

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