Election Night

KET is your source tonight for comprehensive election coverage

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011

Join Bill Goodman and Renee Shaw tonight as they anchor Election 2011: The Vote, our coverage of statewide election results and candidate speeches. On-set commentators tonight will be Al Cross, John David Dyche and Jennifer Moore. Coverage begins at 7/6 p.m. CT on KET.

Do you have comments or questions for Al, John David or Jennifer? There are several ways to get them heard!

Tweet your questions throughout the night to @BillKET or @ReneeKET, or e-mail them to election@ket.org. When you Tweet, make sure and use hashtag #kyelect, so you can easily see what others are saying about the election!



One Response to “Election Night”

  1. Betsy Conner says:

    I keep hearing people saying that Beshear has no mandate because he has not accomplished a great deal during his first term. Do they not realize that Williams is disliked because he personally has blocked every attempt made to improve the lot of Kentuckians. I would like to know one positive program that he has championed. Negativity breeds negativity! Beshear has held the course under impossible circumstances.

    City/County: Franklin

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