New season: Kentucky Life

New season begins with program devoted to Eastern Kentucky spring storm aftermath

Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

Kentucky Life host Dave Shuffett begins the series’ 18th year of highlighting the people and places of Kentucky with a program dedicated to exploring how Eastern Kentucky is coping with the aftermath of the devastating spring 2012 storms and tornadoes. The series airs Saturdays, premiering September 15, at 8/7 pm CT on KET, and Sundays, premiering September 16, at 4/3 pm CT on KET.

Tornadoes on February 29 and March 2 of this year affected more than 35 different counties in practically every region of Kentucky. Kentucky Life’s season premiere explores how this community is dealing with loss and recovery and what residents need to know to keep safe in the future.

Shuffett also visits the Louisville National Weather Service to find out about the region’s history of tornadoes and what tornado warnings mean. In addition, he talks with General John Heltzel of Kentucky Emergency Management to find out how the state is prepared to help in any emergency.

The Eastern Kentucky town of West Liberty was perhaps the hardest-hit community, having been struck by two tornadoes, the largest of which hit the hospital, the elementary school and the downtown, destroying businesses, county offices and numerous homes in its wake.

The program also examines how other Kentucky communities affected by the spring storms are coping, including the Northern Kentucky areas hit by a tornado that began in Henryville, Ind.


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