Think Wednesday

KET’s Wednesdays feature nature, science and technology

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Beginning tonight, you can tune in each week to “Think Wednesday,” a primetime line-up of nature, science and technology programs from PBS.

“Think Wednesday” kicks off with Nature’s “My Bionic Pet” at 8/7 pm on KET. Left without fins, flippers, beaks or tails from disease, accidents or human cruelty, some animals face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to survive. Prosthetic parts made possible by the latest engineering and technology can provide what disabled animals need, and scientists are finding that innovations created in the process can benefit humans, as well.

Next up is Nova’s “Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius” at 9/8 pm on KET. Researchers are discovering that creatures other than humans have mastered skills such as making and using tools, solving complex problems, and planning for the future. Nova tests the limits of some of the planet’s brainiest birds, searching for the secrets of a problem-solving mind.

The third “Think Wednesday” program is the new three-part series Your Inner Fish, which explores how the human body became the complicated, quirky and amazing machine it is today. Based on the best-selling book by Neil Shubin, who also hosts the series, Your Inner Fish travels from Africa to the Arctic to uncover a 3.5-billion-year history of the human body. Part one airs at 10/9 pm on KET.

Frank X Walker

Renee Shaw welcomes Kentucky’s Poet Laureate on Connections

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Renee sits down with Kentucky writer Frank X Walker on Connections on Friday, April 4 at 5/4 pm on KET2 and Sunday, April 6 at 1:30 pm/12:30 pm on KET. You can also watch the entire program online!

Walker’s new collection, Turn Me Loose, tells the story of Medgar Evers, the prominent Mississippi civil rights leader who was murdered in 1963. His killer, Byron De La Beckwith, was tried twice but freed after juries failed to reach a verdict. He remained free for 30 years until new evidence prompted a new trial. De La Beckwith was convicted in 1994 and died in prison in 2001. The poems in Turn Me Loose take on the voices of Evers’s widow, Myrlie; his brother, Charles; his assassin, Byron De La Beckwith; and each of De La Beckwith’s two wives.

Walker was recently awarded the NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work in Poetry, and he is also poet laureate of Kentucky. An associate professor in the department of English at the University of Kentucky, he is also the director of the African American and Africana studies program. He is the author of five previous collections of poems and co-founder of the Affrilachian Poets.

Today’s KET

New KET special report is focused on children’s emotional health

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shae Hopkins | KET imageWe live in a stressful world. But what happens when pressures of day-to-day family life go beyond congested commutes and over-scheduled activities?

New research shows that extreme childhood adversity and prolonged stressed – called toxic stress – can have serious repercussions on the long-term mental and physical health of a child.

Safe and Sound: Raising Emotionally Healthy Children in a Stressful World, KET’s newest health documentary premiering April 21 at 9/8 p.m., examines brain development, the importance of nurturing in the first years of life, and how to reduce severe stress and trauma in families.

The good news is that secure relationships are a protective shield for children, and KET’s special report shows how Kentucky communities and agencies are working to support parents.

Healthy people and healthy communities are vital in order to make Kentucky a better place to live and work. KET’s Health Initiative is helping to show the way to a healthier future. We’ve examined traumatic brain injury, preventing teen suicide, domestic violence, premature birth, childhood obesity, and healthcare in rural populations.

KET’s approach is to highlight solutions in addition to examining the causes of Kentucky’s health crisis.

We hope you’ll join us in pursuing solutions and a healthy population. Visit to watch video of KET’s health programs and to see a preview of Safe and Sound: Raising Emotionally Healthy Children in a Stressful World.


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