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Oppa Grantham style

Celebrate the holiday like you’re living in an abbey

They didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving at Downton Abbey, but they did do a lot of entertaining. There is right way and a wrong way to do things, of course, as the Crawleys are definitely not like other people. As the Dowager Countess says, without all the pomp and circumstance, they’d be like the wild men of Borneo.

Watch as the actors and series historical advisor Alastair Bruce explore the rites and rituals of traditional entertaining.

And you know all that food doesn’t get there by itself. See how Daisy and the rest of the kitchen staff does it in this video featuring the cast talking about the heart of the Downton kitchen: Mrs. Patmore.

Hungry for more? Read this Masterpiece article on the food secrets of Downton, with series food stylist Lisa Heathcote, to learn insider secrets about preparing and filming the gourmet grandeur that is Downton Abbey’s food.

And don’t forget about our free special preview events for the first episode of the new season! The first is in Louisville Dec. 18, followed by Lexington on Dec. 20. Registration is required, so sign up now.

Be sure mark your calendar now for the premiere of Season 5 of Masterpiece Classic’s “Downton Abbey” Sunday, Jan. 4 at 9/8 pm on KET.

And have a happy Grantsgiving from KET!

Here’s a thriller you won’t forget

John Hannah and Brendan Coyle


In the mood for a gritty, psychological thriller to start  your summer off right?

Look no further than Amnesia, which follows the crumbling life of Detective Sergeant “Mack” Stone, a black-out drunk, and his dangerous obsession with an unsolved mystery.

Stone is played by John Hannah, who starred as the grasping nobleman Batiatus in the brutal Starz miniseries Sparticus: Blood and Sand.

For all those longing for a familiar face from Masterpiece, Amnesia features “Downton Abbey’s” own mystery man, Mr. Bates, in the role of D.C. Ian Reid.

In Amnesia, while investigating the disappearance of his wife, Stone loses his grip on reality, hones in on amnesia patient John Dean and pursues him relentlessly. But as Stone’s behavior becomes more erratic, his claims seem less credible — leaving him to question his own memory.

A suspenseful story packed with intricate twists, this intelligent drama will keep you guessing until the very end, as the two flawed protagonists move towards their thrilling final confrontation.

Amnesia airs Sunday, June 1 at 9/8 pm on KET and Thursday, June 5 at 9/8 pm on KET2.

Downton Returns

Downton Abbey returns for a riveting season four

Monday, Jan. 6, 2014


If you missed the season four premiere of Downton Abbey, you can watch the full episode online or catch it again on Thursday, Jan. 9 at 9/8 pm on KET2.

All who tuned in last season know that Matthew Crawley – heir to Downton Abbey, husband to Lady Mary, and brand-new father to a baby boy and successor – lies dead on a country road next to his overturned roadster. The family is still grieving the death in childbirth of Sybil, who also left a baby behind.

Season four opens six months later. Although it is the 1920s, Britain still observes mourning rituals that are almost Victorian in their solemnity.

Nonetheless, the Crawleys are beginning to snap out of it: Robert, Lord Grantham, must manage the estate without his canny son-in-law, and Cora suddenly faces a staffing crisis. Violet, the Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith, who has seen enough tragedy, knows how to recoup quickly, while Isobel, Matthew’s mother, may never recover.

As for the girls, Edith – who was jilted at the altar last season – tempts scandal with a new beau, and Mary now finds herself the most desirable widow in Yorkshire.

The servants also pick up, buck up, and get on with it – with new arrivals, departures, rivalries, and betrayals among the downstairs staff. Life goes on at Downton Abbey.

And when the season ends, you’ll need only to keep a stiff upper lip as you wait for season five! Filming is set to begin this summer in England.

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