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Globe Trekker

Travel across America, starting with popular spots along Route 66

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Globe Trekker imageJustine Shapiro kicks off this new journey with a road trip west across the United States. Starting in Washington, D.C., she follows the Blue Ridge Parkway to Nashville and Memphis, birthplaces of American country and soul. Globe Trekker Around the World: Across America: Route 66 and Beyond airs Sunday, April 14 at 11/10 pm on KET.

She begins her journey in the historic river port of Lynchburg, Virginia, where she takes an old tobacco boat along the James River. From the river Justine hops into a car and heads up into the mountains to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a historic scenic drive that stretches 469 miles along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains, from Virginia to North Carolina.

After a brief countryside respite in Arkansas, Justine hits the legendary Route 66 from Oklahoma to Arizona, where she visits the world’s best preserved meteor crater.

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