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The good life

Doug Flynn opens new season of ‘Kentucky Life’ as host

“I’m from Kentucky, I love Kentucky, and I’ve never left Kentucky,” said Doug Flynn, the new host of Kentucky Life, which begins its new season Saturday, Nov. 14 at 8/7 pm on KET.

And it seems the name of the Bluegrass State is never far from the lips of the former major leaguer who played for the Reds and the Mets — and who today thinks catching fish is much more important than catching fly balls.

“I love the outdoors and I love to fish — I take it pretty seriously,” he said. He also takes his love for the state seriously, too, so much so that, when out-of-staters think there’s not much more to Kentucky than the Derby, he’s quick to correct them.

“I love to tell them there’s so much more. There’s all the wonderful history, the great statesmen that we’ve had, all the wonderful places full of natural beauty, and the greatest park system in the country.”

The first program opens with outdoors enthusiast Flynn in an enjoyable trip down the Kentucky River, where the locks have recently been reopened to river traffic. He’ll be speeding along at 70 miles per hour, a little too fast for him to enjoy that favorite hobby.

The opener also features Kentucky military veterans and a spooky trip through the “haunted” mansions of Old Louisville, which will extend through this season.

As a lifelong Kentuckian, Flynn believes that if you live in this state and say you love it, you need to know something about it.

“The history here, there is so much of it!” he said. “I have been impressed, in the short time I’ve been associated with KET, just how much history that I don’t know. But I’m proud of my state and I want to share it.”

Doug looks forward to telling the stories of extraordinary Kentuckians and meeting Kentucky Life fans while on the road.

“When I’m traveling, I like to stop off at small stores, sit down and relax, and get to know people. I hope to bring just a little different twist to the show — it’ll be the same things through different eyes,” he said.

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Watch the video below of Doug talking about his new job as host on One to One with Bill Goodman.

The envelope please …

KET productions and programs receive three Emmys

KET programs — including the long-running instructional current events series News Quiz — received three Regional Emmy Awards at the 51st Ohio Valley Regional Emmy Awards ceremony Saturday at Keeneland in Lexington.

The winning News Quiz, episode, which received an Emmy in the informational/instructional program category, featured stories on President Obama’s meetings with China on reducing greenhouse gases, the Rosetta Mission comet landing, and a prototype hoverboard. The series is produced by Brandon Wickey.

KET’s A History of Kentucky in 25 Objects, produced and written by Barry Bernson, received an Emmy in the writer-program category. The film tells more than 1,000 years of history, through Bill Monroe’s mandolin, Col. Harland Sanders’ original pressure cooker, and more.

Amy Hess, host of KET’s Kentucky Collectibles and a contributing producer for Kentucky Life, received a program-hosting Emmy for her hosting roles with KET as well as her Beloved Productions program The Local Traveler, which airs on other Kentucky media outlets.

Longtime broadcaster and former Comment on Kentucky host Ferrell Wellman was inducted into the chapter’s Silver Circle, which recognizes professionals who have made an enduring contribution to the vitality of the television industry and set standards of achievement. Wellman was capital bureau chief for WAVE-TV in Louisville for 18 years and taught broadcasting at Eastern Kentucky University.

“KET’s talented staff allows us to continue our mission of bringing only the highest quality, engaging educational programming into homes, classrooms, and communities throughout Kentucky,” noted KET Executive Director Shae Hopkins.

The Ohio Valley Region includes 13 television markets from a four-state region, including parts of Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky.

KET receives environmental education award

KET Education Consultant Larry Moore and Billie Hardin, KAEE board president

At a time when when hands-on field experiences for students are dwindling, exciting and engaging KET programs bring important field experiences to the classroom.

The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) recently recognized KET with its Excellence in Environmental Education Award for Community Partner/Government Agency.

The award reflects KET’s long commitment to providing environmental resources for Kentucky teachers and students. These include Kentucky Bio: Natural Diversity in the Commonwealth, an interactive ebook for grades 4-6; Think Garden, short videos for grades 3-5 about the science and art of raising food; and Water Solutions, resources about non-point source water pollution targeted to grades 4-12.

“One of my favorite resources created by this team is Kentucky Bio,” said Ashley Hoffman, KAEE executive director.

“Students are able to explore from the Appalachian Mountains in the east to the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in the west. They can access Kentucky’s varied and wondrous landscape which is home to some of the most unique organisms in the world.”

She continued: “With financial cut backs and administrative restraints, field studies are becoming limited or non-existent in most schools. KET brings to life everything from following raindrops to rivers, learning about backyard animals and habitats, to exploring diversity and connecting the environment across the curriculum in real life ways.”

KET’s environmental education resources — which are free to teachers, students, and parents — can be accessed at

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 258-7000 (800) 432-0951