Interactive Whiteboards — No Board Needed?

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

A while back I had brought up the many interactive whiteboard alternatives to the traditional SMART Board setup. However, even just in the span of a few months, the landscape is already changing when it comes to this in-demand technology!

For one, most of those “interactive projector” options seems to be doing away with the “projector” aspect entirely when it comes to their product! Several of the products I have recommended before– namely Epson and InFocus interactive projectors –are now discontinued. At first I was distressed, as I thought there products were great. What reason could these big companies have for getting rid of a product people need? Well, it turns out that other emerging companies are creating their devices without the projector bundled in. This means they’re getting cheaper. A lot cheaper.

Companies like Mimio seem to be seeing continued success with their projector-less devices, along with new offerings like Ipevo. These devices still use a projector to make an interactive display, but the benefit is that they can connect to just about any digital projector. Old projectors, cheap projectors, it doesn’t matter– you can turn them into an interactive display.

This is especially tempting with the Ipevo IW2 device, considering it’s a jaw-dropping $169.00. $170 dollars to create an interactive display in your classroom! That’s a far cry from the thousands it used to take for an old interactive whiteboard installation.

I’ll be getting some of these devices within the next couple weeks, so soon I’ll post my thoughts and hopefully some demonstration videos!

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