Resources from training are live Google DocsThe reason I chose to use Google Docs over other vendors is because of its collaborative nature. When working with groups each person has access to the document, is encouraged to participate with the document, and then has access to the document at later times. Beyond my purpose, Google Drive (akin to Microsoft Office) is free, and can be readily accessed by students from Computers, laptops, tablets, and/or smartphone.

Tech Integration in the Adult Ed Classroom

1 hour presentation where participants used a live form as a group and broke into 3 subgroups to discuss need of tech integration.

Web 2.0 and The Cloud


The handout serves 3 purposes: first, it gets people to the online document; second, it is a place where one can take notes; and third, it models tech integration in classrooms.

Live worksheet is used as base of presentation that uses group discussion and break out activities. At the conclusion participants know the similarities and differences between Web 2.o and The Cloud.

Computerized Based Testing

Live worksheet allows for common focus and knowledge of where presentation is going. From break outs and reporting the group gains perspective on how Computerized Based Testing is effecting the core adult education population.

National Conference on Family Literacy 2013

1 hour presentation: the purpose of the presentation was to teach adult educators about what they could expect on the new 2014 GED®, what resources have been created to help them, and teach about tech integration in the classroom.

Kentucky Innovations Conference 2013

3 hr presentation: From the presentation delivered May 2013 at the University of Kentucky. The 1 document holds notes, background information, a common space for note taking as well as breakouts including “Computerized Based Testing,” and “Web 2.0 and The Cloud.” In the breakouts participants used the worksheets to come to their own conclusions and report on what they found.

Recommended Resources

  • LINCS Literacy Information and Communication System – a great resource for adult educators. Of particular interest to this blog is the Technology and Learning Group.
  • Kate Nonesuch - Kate Nonesuch is an adult education professional in Vancouver, Canada. She is a tremendous resource, I found her math resource, “Changing the Way We Teach Math,” and have been listening for her voice since.
  • Wright’s Room – Shelley Wright of Saskatchewan, Canada discusses implementation of flipped classrooms, project based learning, and her battles as an instructor. It is a very informative blog.
  • Room 210 - Jeff Johnson shares his teaching and class with us via his blog and Youtube channel.  Not only does the instructor engage his classroom, but he allows the viewer to use his information. What is immediately applicable in the classroom? Check out his quick video on “Writing a Thesis 2”, you may even follow it with Part 3.
  • KET Education - KET has a treasure trove of free resources, check it out. Coming soon – a video tour of the page in the How tos!
  • KET Teachers’ Domain - An online portal to searchable online digital media. Has content ready for teachers to deploy in their classrooms.

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